Capturing Your Babies First Year (and beyond) on Camera

Photographer Marie Richards is a portrait studio photographer based from her home studio in Royston, Hertfordshire.
Marie, has 3 children under 10  who were and still are the driving force behind her.
Marie’s passion for photography truly surfaced with her love for her children. No other subject put in front of the lens could have captivated her attention better and spurred her on to try and better her skills other than them.
Her true obsession began when her first son was born. She began capturing his many many milestones during his first years and watching him grow right in front of her camera. “The first year goes by so quickly. Before you know it they are toddlers and you wonder where that tiny baby has gone. It’s such a highly emotional year with so many changes that is was a godsend to have images that captured that time.” Marie thoroughly enjoys looking back at the older photos of him and her other children and seeing how far they come in such a short time. She now enjoys capturing this same feeling for other families to enjoy for years to come.
She has spent the last 8 years advancing her knowledge of all aspects of modern photography via courses, workshops and self study. Marie is now thrilled to be capturing these special moments for other families and bring a lifetime of memories to life.