Baby Whispers Photography Hertfordshire & Cambridge : Royston Baby Photographer: Guild of Photographers Awards

In the last few months, I have achieved Bronze awards from the Guild of Photographers for these 5 images below.

I am so proud that my images are recognised by a national photographic body, Bronze awards are only awarded to images of a strong standard in this national competition.

Family photographs are one of my favourite parts of the newborn sessions, the intereaction and reaction of the parents with their newborn is just so genuine and real. I am so intrigued by the background of the families who I meet in the studio. The story behind the images are just as important as the finished product to me and obviously comes through in the images without me even saying a word.


The image of 1 year old Lucy (below) was taken at the Royston Baby Show mini studio back in Febuary. She was at the age where she did not want to be still for even a moment. There was alot going on in the building, and for an inquisitive 1 year old, that was all far more exciting to her. I literally had a couple of seconds to capture her attention before she attempted to climb out of the crate. Afterwards, I was stunned with the direct eye contact I had managed to capture and with this solem face, I felt that it was a beautiful raw image with a story to enter into the Guild image of the month competion.


Eddie’s dad is a Boxer and his family have a bug boxing connection with a boxing gym in Royston. Eddie was given these vintage kids boxing gloves by his grandfather. They set the scene beatifully but the direct eye contact from Eddie at only 2 weeks old was the winner. He was such an alert baby and so interested in the camera. He was a joy to photograph and I’m over the moon to have recieved a bronze award for this stunning shot.

IOM Eddie-78 bronze

Baby Whispers Photography Hertfordshire & Cambridge : Royston Baby Photographer: Baby Safety

Chin on Hands Pose

I often have parents request this shot and are surprised that this pose is actually a composite image made up of two images put together to create the final image. Your newborn babies safety is paramount to everything I do. I will never put your baby in any danger. A newborn baby’s head is the heaviest part of her body, and it is not safe to expect a baby to be able to support the weight of her head on her wrists in this pose.

During this pose your baby will always have a hand on him/her to support them in this pose. This is not something that can or should be done in one shot.

The baby also needs to be in a very deep sleep for this pose to even be attempted so as the photographer, I must be able to identify babies sleep patterns accuratly to know when will be a good time (if at all) if a good time to try it.

The pictures below show the 2 images taken where the baby is held first at her hands and wrist (to support the entire weight of her head), and then held by her head only (releasing all pressure on the wrists). The 2 images are they put together to create the final image below.

Please trust that at Baby Whispers Photography, the photographer has been trained in newborn safety and is a member of BANPAS.


This baby has not been balanced in this position, nor has the photographer taken the image as quickly as possible before the baby topples over.
The photographer has used a composite image technique using two images and merging them together in photoshop to produce the final image.


Baby Whispers Photography Hertfordshire & Cambridge : Royston Baby Photographer: Royston Baby Show

Had a great day at the Royston Baby Show on 25th Febuary 2017. This year I decided to have a mini photo studio setup at very reduced prices to allow more of the parents of Royston to experience what Baby Whispers Photography has to offer. I took along plenty of samples for people to get a real feel for what people could own featuring their own child and family. I took canvas, acrylics, photobooks and the brand new boxed album and acryclic orb that I am now offering that captured peoples attention.

It was very unlike the type of photoshoots that I usually offer at my home studio (in Royston) so was a very different experience for me. Trying to get a child to warm up infront of the camera in just these quick 5 minute photoshoots was tricky for some especially with so much going on around them but I managed some beautiful captures. Some children/babies were happy to sit still and smile, others wanted to run away.



It was great meeting so many little Roystonians and getting the opportunity to capture them, just as they were right in that moment and for their parents to have those memories.

After this little taster, some have gone on to book in for a full session. During a full session we have plenty of time to get to know your child a bit better, giving them a chance to become more comfortable and open and go at your childs own pace meaning that the chances of their true personality showing through are greater. For added variety we can change setups and poses, use props and have outfit changes. Family photos are also included as part of these full sessions.



If you are interested in booking your full session, please contact us using the contact form on the website or email: to recieve more information.


Below are just some of the little ones that I was lucky enough to photograph on the day.