FAQ: Newborn Sessions


Here at Baby Whispers Photography your baby is in charge! If your baby isn’t happy then neither are we. So we encourage Baby to be fed, changed, hugged or rocked during our sessions whenever they may need it.
This new world is strange to these new ones so we’ll do our best to make the transition on your photoshoot day as smooth as possible.
We have constant white noise and heat to disguise any sudden loud noises and remind them of being in the womb, low voices and gentle movements is key to getting you the stunning images of your newborn.
How long will the photoshoot take?
Newborn photoshoots take a minimum of 2 hours but can be longer depending on baby. We patiently work around babies mood. The longer shoots ensure that all of baby needs are met such as feeding and nappy changes without the worry of time limits.
How long until I see the photos?
The gallery will be available online for viewing in a password protect gallery no longer than 2 weeks after the photoshoot.
Are there any colours I should avoid wearing?
Baby usually wears very little, usually just a thin blanket wrapped or drapped around them.
For the parents and older siblings, it’s recommended to wear something neutral and classic in colour for best results.  Avoid anything overly bright and bold as they don’t fit the natural and simplistic look we strive to achieve.
When do we pay?
A £20 reservation fee is due at the time of booking to hold the date. (We limit our bookings around each prospective due date, to account for the early and late babies so please book your session as soon as you can after your 20 week scan to ensure a space).
The remainder of the session fee is payable prior to the photoshoot session.
Payment for prints, digital files and wall art are payable at the time of ordering online

Can we bring our own props?
You are welcome to bring your own props but please discuss this with us prior to the session to ensure we plan our photoshoot time efficiently.

How long will a session last?
About 2 hours.
How long will the gallery be online for?
The gallery will be available for viewing for 14 days from the date it opens. After that it will be archived. Please ensure you purchase any prints, digitals and wall art before the gallery closes as there is a charge to reactivate the gallery at a later date.